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Name of the Institution:

The Institute for Ecumenical Research Sibiu (IERS)



Prof. Dr. Stefan Tobler


Status in NELCEE: Member


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Address: Str. Mitropoliei 30, 550179 Sibiu.

Tel.: (+40) 0269-22 35 22

Fax: (+40) 0269-20 67 30

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Short description of the Institution:

History and Structure
The Institute for Ecumenical Research of Sibiu is an establishment of Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu. It was founded in June 2005 by the Andrei Saguna Faculty of Orthodox Theology together with the Department for Protestant Theology.

The aim of the institute is to promote the ecumenical dialogue and to support relevant ecumenical studies. Through publications and translations the institute contributes to the reception of the international ecumenical dialogues in Romania.

The institute is headed by one member of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology and one member of the Department for Protestant Theology. The daily activities are coordinated and performed by the Scientific Secretariat where permanent employees, doctoral students and volunteers work together.

IERS has four research areas: Ecumenical Dialogue, Church History, Religion and Society, Interreligious Dialogue.

IERS cooperates with various foreign partners, especially with the Faculty of Evangelical Theology in Tübingen.

IERS has started publishing a series of translations called Documenta Oecumenica. The first part of this series includes the collection of the documents of the ecumenical dialogue between the Romanian Orthodox Church and the Evangelical Church in Germany. The first volume of this series (Doec 1.1) was published on the occasion of the Third European Ecumenical Assembly in Sibiu.

The second series named Studia Oecumenica makes available to the Romanian reader studies in Ecumenical Theology.

Since 2009 IERS also edits RES – Revista Ecumenica Sibiu (Ecumenical Journal Sibiu), a unique publication in the Romanian theological milieu. RES is a bilingual journal which is issued three times per year. For more information please visit the website:

The Library
The Library of the IERS has approximately 6000 books in German, English, Romanian, French and Italian language and the available titles are included in the electronic catalogue of the University Library.

IERS financially supervises and supports doctoral students in the field of ecumenism. Between 2006-2007 two 3-year PhD scholarships in ecumenical research were awarded.

In June 2007 the project “The Human Dignity and the Poverty in Romania” was initiated.

InfoEcum is the name of an online documentation project on ecumenism in Romania. The idea and the implementation belong to IERS, but the project was conceived as a service for all the ecumenical initiatives in Romania.

Our website informs on ecumenical organizations and research centres, actual events, theological conferences, research programmes, etc. The website provides the interested people with a collection of important ecumenical documents that can be downloaded and with a list of the most recent publications in the field.