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The MA programme in Christian Theology is a unique theological study course in Georgia. Despite the fact that the studies are based on Greek-orthodox theological tradition, this programme does not focus on one particular confession (as does the Theological Academy of the Georgian Orthodox Church in Tbilisi), because its main goal is to promote multiculturalism though preparing professionals able to think and propagate Christian ideas and values in multicultural and multi-religious terms, fostering dialogue and joint social activities. The programme has links with various denominations (together with the Roman-Catholic Institute, we are organizing international conferences, as well as round table discussions and publication of an ecumenical journal ‘Dialogue’). The Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences intends to strengthen these ecumenical links and this cooperation even more in the near future.

It has been one year since the MA programme in Christian Theology was launched, so the Faculty certainly lacks experience. Yet in the course of this past year it has become clear beyond hope that Georgian state resources for the MA programme are not sufficient enough to secure the implementation of full-scale research and to motivate the students on a steady basis.


Main fields of ecumenical research and learnning:

The Faculty developed a Theological Master’s programme in order to prepare researchers in the field of ecumenism, who may successfully research concrete issues in the framework of theology, from their critical analysis to the presentation of the results in learning strategies and application processes, as well as do research in issues which relate to the historical and cultural identity of contemporary human beings and to the role of Christianity and religion in general in the contemporary world. The MA programme in Theology is designed to make students reflect on ecumenical aspects in their everyday life reality in the light of theology and morality and to motivate them to engage in theoretical/analytical and practical interaction.


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