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NGO ‘Dukh i Litera’ (‘Spirit and Letter’) Research and Publishing Association

University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”



Ecumenical Learning offer:

NGO ‘Dukh i Litera’ (‘Spirit and Letter’) Research and Publishing Association is glad to invite NELCEE members to active participation in the research ecumenical projects have been already conducted in the Ukraine, described below, as the following:

-          Kyiv Summer Theological Universities,

-          ‘Assumption Readings’ International Theological Conferences,

-          Theological Translation and Publishing Project,

-          MA Program in Theology.



Main fields of ecumenical research:


Kyiv Summer Theological Universities, organized by ‘Dukh i Litera’ and St. Clement’s Center with the support of ICCO&Kerk in Actie and World Council of Churches, take place annually in the Spiritual and Educational Center “The Ark” in the village of Lyshnya in the vicinity of Kyiv (last week of July – first week of August) since 2003.


‘Assumption Readings’ International Theological Conferences has been organized since 2001 in Kyiv with the participation of Kyiv Theological Academy and Seminary, St. Thomas Institute of Religious Studies, the Institute of Philosophy of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and the museum of St. Sophia of Kyiv Cathedral at the end of September. The topic of the latest conference in 2011 was: Childhood in Christian tradition and contemporary culture. The materials of each year’s conference were published in “Assumption Readings” collected articles. Their titles coincided with the topics of the conferences. 10 volumes have been already published and presented to the wide audience.


Theological Translation and Publishing Project – since 1992 “Dukh i Litera” has published dozens of books on theological and religious problems. We aimed to get readers of post-atheistic countries acquainted with the main works in the field, which has never been available there before.


‘Bibliotheca Clementina’ publishing project – is a pocket-book series on theology project started in 2009.


Electronic Theological Library (ETL) (since 2010), includes scanning of the sources (books and periodicals on Theology from Ukrainian and Russian libraries) and turning them into various electronic formats, so that they become available online for wide international audiences. ETL integrates Western theological sources, making them accessible for the students of Ukraine and other post-communist countries.


MA Program in Theology – in 2010 The National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) founded the Institute of Theology, primarily conceived as the center of leading research and popularization of theological disciplines in the Post-Soviet environment. One of the pioneering initiatives of the Institute is the launch of an innovative MA program in Theology, the first fully inter-disciplinary and inter-confessional degree program in Theology in Ukraine. One of its main functions is to prepare the graduates for the PhD programs in Theology currently under development in Ukraine. The prospective participants of the NaUKMA MA Program in Theology are expected to be both clergy and lay people from all regions of Ukraine as well as from other countries, prone to theological scholarship and critical probing of the foundations for various theological positions.