Fribourg-IES Ecumenical Learning

Institute for Ecumenical Studies (Institut für Ökumenische Studien / Institut d’études oecuméniques/ Институт Межхристианских Исследований) of the University of Fribourg Switzerland


Ecumenical Learning offer:

The Institute offers Ecumenical Learning on all levels of theological formation:

-         Basic formation during the Bachelor Programme

-         Advanced courses for Master students

-         Specialized courses and research seminars for doctoral and postdoctoral candidates

-         Visiting scholarships for young teachers of Ecumenical theology or theological subjects with ecumenical relevance


Main fields of ecumenical research:

-         Ecclesiology (Theology of Sister Churches, Episkopè)

-         Social doctrine and Human Rights in different Church traditions

-         A better mutual knowledge of the history of theology in Eastern and Western Churches

-         Life and thought of Fr. Sergij Bulgakov

-         Reformation History (specialized library of Prof. Erwin Iserloh)

-         Hagiography (specialized library of Prof. Walter Nigg)

-         Hermeneutics of the inter-Christian Dialogue in understanding of the great Christian Traditions: Catholic, Orthodox and Evangelical

-         Study of the Church Fathers as Source of common understanding of the Church Unity

-         Working on integration of academic theological institutions of different Christian traditions, especially from Eastern Europe, into theological life and work in Western Europe.